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Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of the economy, so we developed a site just for you:  

Build Belmont!

How do we help?

  • If you’re thinking of starting a business, we can discuss with you your ideas.  Once we hear about your individual circumstance, we will make suggestions on ways to proceed.  Often times, we will set up an appointment for you with our colleague from the Small Business Development Center.
  • If you already run a business, we are happy to visit you at your site.  We talk with you about your business – what works well, what challenges you face – and we can then refer you to resources that may save you money or make you money!  If you are facing a particular business challenge, we can bring our colleagues to you to help.
  • Looking for a location to start your business or move your business?  Give us a call.  We can help your search!  We’ve partnered with other organizations to create mini-incubators in St. Clairsville and Barnesville (and others in the works) for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Space and assistance at prices a start-up can afford!
  • We offer workshops monthly on a variety of topics for small businesses.  Follow our Facebook page for announcements or check our Events Calendar!

Bottom line:  We will listen to your needs, and we will work with you to make your business successful!