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Zoning & Planning

Thank you for inquiring about the status of zoning in Belmont County. Currently, there are no zoning regulations adopted by the County of Belmont. As such, each entity has the ability to adopt zoning and permitting regulations.

If the location you are inquiring about is within city or village limits, please contact the appropriate entity for information. 

Barnesville:  740-425-1976

Bellaire:  740-676-6539

Belmont:  740-484-1989

Bethesda:  740-484-1250

Bridgeport:  740-635-1244

Brookside:  740-635-0558

Flushing:  740-968-3123

Holloway:  740-968-4024

Martins Ferry:  740-633-2876

Morristown:  740-782-1551

Powhatan Point:  740-795-4201

St. Clairsville:  740-695-1324

Shadyside:  740-676-5972

If the location you are inquiring about is outside city/village limits, contact the township trustees for regulations. 

For projects occurring in communities that do not administer zoning or permits, any applicable regulations adopted by the State of Ohio prevail. For more information, please call 800-523-3581. You can request that the receptionist guide you to the proper department.

In addition, some areas of Belmont County are prone to flooding. You must contact the Belmont County Floodplain Manager by calling 740-695-2121, ext. 1707, Floodplain website.

Important Contacts for New Construction Projects

Belmont County Engineering Department

Belmont County Health Department

Soil and Water Conservation District

Belmont County Sanitary Sewer District

Belmont County House Numbering Departmentt
(740) 699-0398 or (740) 699-0399

Ohio Department of Transportation – District 11

Building Code Compliance – to schedule an inspection

Bureau Of Building Code Compliance

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Ohio Fire Marshall

Belmont County GIS Department

Bureau Policy for Application for Certificate of Occupancy
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